Hall 1

45 square metres of industrial space. A rusty wall consisting of several metal sections with rivets; a large concrete wall; a black door stylistically decorated with water pipes; old bricks; wire mesh and an old wire-mesh gate; a golden wall, assembled from nine square blocks; harmonious inserts of old broken-off brick; a corner of white painted bricks; dark self-levelling floor. A set of standard paper backgrounds; warm floors; a make-up zone.

Basic lighting in the photo studio:4 monolights Profoto D1 500 Air with various attachments.

Rent Cost:

Hall 1 (45 m2) 300 UAH/hour (min 2 hours)*

*In addition, a 15% hall rent extra charge is included, if the team consists of 7 and more people.

Hall rent without using equipment (photography in the natural lighting) 15% discount
Hiring a photography shift in one hall (8 hours) + 1 hour as a gift
Regular visitor’s discount cards (covering rent of the studio and training)

**Total discount with discount cards does not exceed 20%.

After 30-hour rent – 5% discount.

After 80-hour rent – 10% discount.

Both cash and cashless payments for rent are possible. When booking the studio, You accept the Photo Studio Rent Rules

Extra charges for rent of the photo studio:

Night time (from 10 p.m. To 8 a.m.) + 30% per each hour
Change of background (except white, grey and black backgrounds) 20 UAH
Metre of new/spoiled background 190 UAH
Using a cyclorama (Hall 4) 400 UAH for photography (prior reservation needed)
Team of 7 and more people +15%, to be reconciled with the studio administration
Constant light power supply from the mains of the studio 1.9 UAH/kW
Motor vehicles entering the territory 10 UAH/motor vehicle

Additional options and equipment:

Using a smoke machine 20 UAH/hour
Additional (the fifth and more) source Profoto D1 500 Air 60 UAH/hour
Using Profoto Spot Small + a Gobo mask set 20 UAH/hour
Rent of a battery generator Profoto BatPac (only along with rent of monolights Profoto D1) 240 UAH/shift
Rent of monolight Profoto D1 for photography on site

(including 1 Profoto D1 device, 1 attachment and a tripod).Accompanying assistant lighting operator needed.

1200 UAH/shift
On-site work of an assistant lighting operator (under prior agreement) 250 UAH/hour (min 4 hours)
Using Profoto Giant Silver umbrella, 210 cm 50 UAH/hour
Professional tripod Manfrotto Mk2 with a ball-and-socket head 20 UAH/hour
Using constant light Dedolight DLH4 — 150 W 50 UAH/hour
Using constant light Dedolight DLH3 — 100 W 50 UAH/hour
Rent of Apple iMac 27″ (MC813)

Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz quad-core (L3 cache– 6Mb) RAM:4 Gb (2×2 Gb)

200 UAH/hour
Using Epson EH-TW480 projector 70 UAH/hour
Using ViewSonic PJD6211 3D projector 30 UAH/hour
In-studio work of an assistant lighting operator (under prior agreement) 150 UAH/hour (min 2 hours) in studio
Shooting and backstage video cut (under prior agreement) 2000 UAH
Model selection Specific information +38 098 9200001
Services of a makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist Specific information +38 098 9200001

Rent of photo cameras and lenses:

RENT of PHOTO CAMERAS and LENSES 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours Notes
Canon 5D Mark 3 + battery 450 UAH 675 UAH 900 UAH +40% at weekends
NEW Sony A7R mark II +2 batteries 900 UAH 1350 UAH 1800 UAH +40% at weekends
Canon 35mm 1.4 II L 225 UAH 338 UAH 450 UAH +40% at weekends
Canon 50mm 1.4 75 UAH 113 UAH 150 UAH +40% at weekends
Canon 85mm 1.2 II L 195 UAH 293 UAH 390 UAH +40% at weekends
Canon 100mm 2.8 L MACRO 143 UAH 215 UAH 285 UAH +40% at weekends
Sony Zeiss FE 55 1.8 143 UAH 215 UAH 285 UAH +40% at weekends
NEW Sigma MC-11 adapter (Canon EF->Sony E) 100 UAH 100 UAH 100 UAH +40% at weekends
CF 32 GB + card reader 45 UAH 45 UAH 45 UAH +40% at weekends
SD 64 GB (90MB/s) + card reader 60 UAH 60 UAH 60 UAH +40% at weekends
Additional battery LP-E6 (for Сanon) 75 UAH 75 UAH 75 UAH +40% at weekends
Additional battery NP-FW50 (for Sony) 50 UAH 50 UAH 50 UAH +40% at weekends

While renting cameras and lenses, the minimum order is 400 UAH, 50% pre-payment reservation

The Customer shall sign the contract, leave his or her passport in gage for the term of rent and bear responsibility for any failure of the equipment that might occur during the term of rent. The rented equipment shall only be used within the studio.

The cameras shall be equipped with one battery. The option of renting additional batteries shall be negotiated individually.

In the process of photography, only one photographer is allowed to use the equipment.

You may cancel your rent of equipment no later than 48 hours beforehand. In case of cancelling later than 48 hours beforehand, the renter shall pay 50%, and in case of cancelling later than 24 hours beforehand — 100% of the order cost.