Halls 2
STUDIO1 has a list of measures and restrictions in connection with coronaviruses (COVID-19).
Check with the administrator by phone.
45 square meters of cosy light integral space, decorated in white, grey and light-blue colour gamma. White wooden elements are combined with interesting colourful walls; old broken-off brick in a designer's version; barred windows framed in impressive wooden shutters; in the morning the studio is filled with direct sunlight; heated floor, decorated with a vintage white and grey pattern; a white rattan summer sofa. A set of standard paper backgrounds; a make-up zone.
Basic lighting in the photo studio:3 monolights Profoto D1 500 Air with various attachments.
Booking hall
Additional surcharges for renting a photo studio:
Cash and non-cash forms of rent payment are possible.
By booking a studio, you accept the rules for renting a photo studio
Additional features and equipment:
Studio rental rules
Cancellation of photo studio rent
You can cancel your photo studio rental up to 48 hours in advance. If the order is canceled in less than 48 hours, the tenant must pay 50% of the cost of the order, and if canceled in less than 24 hours - 100% of the cost of the ordered time. Terms of refusal to reserve more than 4 reserved hours are discussed individually with the studio manager. - Before the start of shooting, the administrator will inform you about the time of arrival of the next clients and the possibility of extending the lease. The charging step for renewing the lease is 30 minutes.
Being late for shooting
The start of renting a photo studio is the time stated in the order, and not the time of the actual appearance of the photographer in the studio. Being late for shooting and its premature ending do not reduce the total cost of services. The end time of the lease is the time when the tenant leaves the studio, not when the filming ends. Please allow yourself the time you need to get ready and respect your colleagues.
Indoor shoes
A visit to the photo studio is possible only in changeable shoes, in the absence of which the renter will be forced to use the provided reusable changeable shoes (slippers). Please note that the requirement for cleanliness also applies to shoes in which models are removed.
Cleanliness on the set
Tenants must maintain cleanliness on the set and agree with the administration if the plot of the photo session involves subsequent cleaning. In this case, an extra charge is possible.
Serviceability of studio equipment
Before using the studio, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the rental rules and check the serviceability of the equipment. Immediately inform the administrator in case of problems with the devices. At the end of the lease, the administrator checks the serviceability of the studio equipment. In case of damage, the renter is obliged to pay the cost of the damaged equipment and accessories.
Paper backgrounds
The rent cost includes using previously used paper backgrounds, rolled out up to 3 metres from the wall, with possible natural dirty spots. Spoilage, damage or irreversible dirtying of the backgrounds shall be paid at 160 UAH per running meter. If you like, you can use a new, previously unused background, whereas the cost shall be 190 UAH per running meter along the floor.
Possibility to extend the lease
Before filming, the administrator will inform you about the time of arrival of subsequent customers and the possibility of extending the lease. Billing step when extending the lease - 30 minutes.
Equipment setup
The rent cost includes adjustment of equipment and devices, as well as assistance and consultations of the administrator. Any manipulations with backgrounds shall only be done in the presence of the administrator. Any change of background, except the white, grey and black backgrounds, shall be considered an additional service and shall be subject to 20 UAH payment.
Number of film crew
If a shooting team consists of 7 or more people, this requires reconciliation with the administration and implies 15% extra charge.
Minimum rental time
The minimum rental time for one room is 2 hours. Studio reservation is made after prepayment of 50% of the order value.
Taking pictures with animals
Photographing with animals requires prior approval from the administration.
Arrival of vehicles on the territory
Photography with pets requires prior reconciliation with the administration. — Motor vehicles entering the territory shall be subject to 10 UAH payment per each motor vehicle. The Studio1 administrators shall be paid upon photography ending, according to the number of recorded passes.
It is strongly forbidden to smoke and fire an open flame inside the studio. The fine is 1000 UAH.
Clear sound recording is not possible